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URU Brewpark | Vendo Venues Unlock Series

With a lot of venues open up post lockdown here in Bangalore, Vendo is launching a blog series: “Vendo Venues: Unlock 1.0 Series”. We will cover how our Venue partners have been preparing to open their facilities, so people like you and me feel comfortable and safe to visit these places again. We believe it will also help other similar venues in the country, which might open up at a later point in time.

URU Brewpark, Bangalore’s First Brewpark, which launched towards the end of 2019 is an experiential space that is spread over 4 distinctive spaces: brewery, cafe, bistro and a park. This blog covers all aspects of post lockdown reopening that URU has gone through.

URU Brewpark

Bangalore's first Brewpark and Gin Garden

Location: Maratt Estate, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru (Map)

Team Vendo spoke to Mr Kuncheria Marattukalam, Co-Founder, Etenia Hospitality LLP.

Is your venue open for visitors during Unlock 1.0 (After Jun 1st 2020)? If yes, since when have you been open?

Yes, we have been open since June 8th

What are some of the CoViD-19 Safety and Social distancing measures that you have implemented or planning to implement?

For staff

  1. Temperature checks for all staff when they report to duty

  2. Masks, hairnets and clean uniform is mandatory

  3. Hands are to be washed and sanitized regularly

  4. Kitchen staff to wear masks, gloves and hairnets while working

  5. Surfaces that guests come in contact with, to be sanitized regularly

  6. Staff to maintain 2-meter distance

  7. Staff to follow hygiene standards

For guests

  1. Use of hand sanitizers at entry is mandated

  2. Temperature check will be done

  3. Contactless dining experience

  4. Guests to inform URU waiting for staff, if any allergies

  5. High touchpoint surfaces like menus, front desk area, counters, tables & chairs, shall be cleaned regularly

  6. Clean washrooms

Take away procedures

  1. Delivery person to wear a mask while entering

  2. Temperature check will be done at the entrance

  3. The delivery bag will be sanitized at the entrance

  4. Take away area to have demarcations for where the delivery person needs to stand

  5. The temperature of the delivery person, chef, and the staff who packed the food will be taken and mentioned on a slip that will be stapled on the food parcel

(Click to view the video)

What are some of the new product/service offerings or offers that you have planned for your customers post CoViD-19?

We are offering Contactless valet, dining & payment options for our customers. We are also launching our new in-house brands, Charlie Who, a gourmet sandwich & sundaes brand, along with The Black Olive Pizzeria.

Please follow our social media pages for launches and latest offers.

In your opinion, what will customers be the most worried about regarding your venue? What specific steps are you planning to implement to rebuild trust among your customers?

We believe customers who visit us have no reason to worry. At URU, our USP is the vast open space we offer, unlike other indoor covered places. We have reduced our seating capacity and rearranged our tables, to follow social distancing guidelines. Add to that, all the sanitation protocols being followed thoroughly by us, we believe our customers would definitely trust us!

As you prepared for opening up and during the lockdown, what support groups and government organizations did you depend on for accurate information regarding the pandemic, and in adhering to CoViD-19 guidelines?

We follow FSSAI and WHO guidelines thoroughly and have been following national and international news quite keenly.

For any inquiries,

Shraddha Shivraj (Marketing Manager at URU Brewpark)


Phone: +91-9620124614

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