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COWRKS Coworking Space | Vendo Venues Unlock Series

As part of our Vendo Venues Unlock1.0 series, we are excited to cover our ever supporting venue partner CoWrks this week. With 6 vibrant, state-of-the-art locations across Bangalore and 23 in total across India, Cowrks plays a significant leadership role in the Coworking spaces ecosystem.

This blog covers all aspects of post CoViD19 lockdown reopening measures that CoWrks Bangalore has gone through. We believe this would be helpful as a benchmark for other coworking spaces in Bangalore that are opening post lockdown, and definitely for those in other parts of the country which might open at a later point in time.


Coworking Spaces

Location: 23 locations across Bengaluru, Mumbai,

Delhi-NCR, Chennai and Hyderabad

Team Vendo spoke to Mr.Nikhil Mangal, General Manager Experience, at CoWrks

Is your venue open for members during Unlock 1.0 (After Jun 1st 2020)? If yes, since when have you been open?

Our office spaces have been and will continue to be operational for our members who have their business(s) categorized under essential services. We have been able to efficiently provide all the services to support their operations during the period of the lockdown.

What are some of the CoViD-19 Safety and Social distancing measures that you have implemented or planning to implement?

As the world reforms and re-shapes through changing times, we are continually evaluating our workspace strategies and measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our members, staff and our employees.

  1. Mandatory safety and hygiene protocols

  2. Deep Sanitization Practices

  3. Safe Distancing Measures

  4. Intelligent Tech Assistance

  5. Intuitive Communication

  6. Member Assistance & Provisions

More details on the above, click here or view the video below,

What are some of the new product/service offerings or offers that you have planned for your customers post CoViD-19?

We design for evolving business needs, so you get the best out of our range of workspaces - from enterprise-grade spaces to premium event venues and meeting rooms.

  • Private Studio - Fully furnished private cabins with key card access, just for you and your team.

  • Private Suite - Your workspace, with an option to customise and brand as preferred.

  • Lounge Membership - Get comfortable at your own dedicated desk or work from a flexible one

and many more (Click here, to find more)

In your opinion, what will members be the most worried about regarding your venue? What specific steps are you planning to implement to rebuild trust among your clientele?

We aim to provide our members, staff and employees with a sense of comfort, wellness and flexibility thereby becoming their go-to workspace and place of work. From smart design solutions to innovative technology and intuitive member communication — our workspace strategy team is leaving no stone unturned to mitigate health and safety risks at every touchpoint at CoWrks. Some of the measures we have taken are listed below

  • Mandatory protocols.

  • Deep sanitization process

  • Safe distancing measures

  • Intelligent tech assistance

  • Intuitive communication

As you prepared for opening up and during the lockdown, what support groups and government organizations did you depend on for accurate information regarding the pandemic, and in adhering to CoViD-19 guidelines?

The Government of India has built an application and designed a website which gives real-time information and accurate numbers of the confirmed cases, deaths, recovered cases and other important updates related to the pandemic.

Currently, there are several websites and apps available online to get updates on the pandemic. But it is best to rely on trustworthy sources, given that there is a lot of misinformation being circulated.

__ For more recent updates follow them on the following social channels.

For any inquiries, +919538611122 |

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