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Category-wise online courses for all entrepreneurs - Part ll - Vendo Blog

In the last blog, I had published a list of online courses particularly useful for ‘Food & Beverage’ (f&b) entrepreneurs. As a sequel to that, I have enlisted here a list of courses in a few fundamental business domains that are recommended for any entrepreneur.

As we all wade through the second phase of this lockdown, there is still time for gaining a few skills up your sleeves, especially in critical areas like Fundraising, Business Model Creation, Business Analytics and such. Do go through the list and comment for any questions or comments.

1. Creating a Business Plan

(a) Business Model Canvas (A Tool for Entrepreneurs & Innovators) - Get trained in this innovative tool for conceptualizing your model

Course Duration: 13 hours spread over 8 weeks (b) Corporate Finance I (Measuring and Promoting Value Creation) - Understand all those fundamental financial ratios

Course Duration: 23 hours spread over 4 weeks (c) Working Capital Management - Get trained in making a cash flow statement and in the calculation of financial ratios with an example. Course Duration: 1-hour on-demand video (d) Creating a Robust Financial Plan for Your Business - Learn how to forecast your revenues, expenses, understand income statement and create staffing models. Course Duration: 3 hours on-demand video


2. Fundraising

(a) Financing and Profitability - This course covers an overview of all types of financing models: Bootstrapping, Organic Growth, Debt and Risk Capital.

Course Duration: 6 hours spread over 4 weeks

(b) Venture Capital Fundraising Masterclass - This course covers how to approach and reach out to the right set of potential investors, negotiate and understand Term Sheets.

Course Duration: 13.5 hours on-demand video

(c) Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101 - One of the more popular courses covering some key fundraising topics

Course Duration: 7 hours on-demand video

(d) How to Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch - A quick take on how an Elevator Pitch should be.

Course Duration: 12 minutes


3. Data Analytics & Visualisations

(a) Supply Chain Analytics Essentials - Decode your Supply Chain mysteries with basic metrics

Course Duration: 11 hours spread over 4 weeks

(b) Excel Data Visualizations: Mastering 20+ Charts and Graphs - From basic bar and pie charts to creating geospatial heat maps

Course Duration: Approximately 150 minutes

(c) Tableau Crash Course: Building and Sharing a Dashboard - Learn how to make a dashboard using real-time COVID-19 dataset

Course Duration: 150 minutes

(d) Infographics to Tell a Story - Quickly learn how to create an infographic with 10 icons

Course Duration: 31 minutes


4. Building a team and Managing People

(a) Building Your Team - Learn how to build a team and a culture of teamwork

Course Duration: 43 minutes

(b) People Skills - Learn simple psychological insights into how people tick

Course Duration: 2 Hours


5. Product Development

(a) How to Develop a New Product and Take it to Market - Secrets of new product development, market validation, IP protection

Course Duration: 3 hours on-demand video

(b) Product Development by Understanding Customer Needs - Create products people love without spending precious time or money!

Course Duration: Approximately 1 hour


6. Time and Mind Management

(a) Time Management for Entrepreneurs - Learn how to bring discipline and efficiency to suit your daily schedule

Course Duration: 1-hour on-demand video

(b) Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur - Learn about the psychological and practical skills needed for an entrepreneur

Course Duration: 3 hours on-demand video

(c) Striking a Balance - Learn to manage stress and strike a balance in your life

Course Duration: 23 minutes on-demand video

Happy Learning!

Co-Founder, Vendo

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