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Vendo Venues are unique hyperlocal niche venues. We work in several private spaces like sports arenas and education premises to gain a vending spot.


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Founder, Nuttyfox

As a bootstrapped startup brand in the healthy snacking space, Its important to keep a check on the marketing and promotion costs. However, customer reach and visibility is a necessity. That’s where Team Vendo came in. Their efficient and sleek kiosk setup enabled NuttyFox to reach to out a cluster of consumers that otherwise would not be possible. And it’s cost-effective. Vendo is apt for gaining viable visibility.


Founder, Ausum

We have used Vendo both as a vehicle for introduction to new consumers as well as a product provider. As a provider of the amazingly flexible and easy to install display unit, we have used Vendo to establish a pop-up shop and sampling unit at malls, in-store as well as in corporate environments. For a consumer brand, this service was really useful as the negotiations and event handling are handled by Vendo, making our jobs simpler and less tedious to run offline events. We would just turn up and set up the Vendo unit with our products without the hassle.

Vendo is our go-to company for all offline activities. 


Marketing, Kiru

It was wonderful collaborating with Vendo, they would help us reach the right audiences and venues to showcase and promote our products with their unit, while all other aspects were taken care of.

Nachi : +91-9620795937

Kiran : +91-9962827392


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